Treatment time: 30 minutes

Effects are usually seen between 4 – 5 treatments but gradually new hair should start to form whilst thinning areas should start to look thicker and feel stronger.

Recommend at least 6  - 12 treatments at least 2 weeks apart

Downtime: Zero 


WHAT is rrs xl-hair, hair loss treatment?


Hair growth stimulation is an injection procedure which is used to restore and stimulate the hair roots. The serum cocktail including minerals, vitamins, growth factors and hair fortifying agents are injected in the superficial scalp layers which activate the hair growth and improve strength and thickness.

KT Aesthetics use a tried and tested product by RRS called XL Hair dermal implants which has an exceptional hydrating and bio-stimulation effect. RRS has a strong hair stimulation effect and has been specially formulated for the scalp and only works if the hair bulbs are still alive. The treatment is delivered using a skin pen device (microneedling) which ensures the right needle depth is achieved. Your scalp will need preparation before and after each treatment and a scalp shampoo will be provided with directions.


This treatment is appropriate for men and women


PRICE £180 per treatment (including A COMPLIMENTARY 200ML SCALPFIT SHAMPOO rrp £42)

course of 6 treatments £900 * £450 paid at first treatment


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