So this is probably going to be controversial but here it goes. When I set out on my aesthetics journey more than a year ago I embraced all that I learned about a variety of treatments and looked forward to introducing them to my practice. However where fillers were concerned something just didn’t sit right with me. I was still able to please my customers and get good results but as much as I have tried I haven’t grown to love them nor do I enjoy doing them. Maybe this is to my own financial detriment considering the outlay of training and the potential profit.

I don’t dispute the benefits that fillers can have particularly with re-sculpting the results are amazing and have reduced the need for people to undergo more riskier invasive surgery. But it’s not for me. I will focus my efforts on my real passion of enhancing a more natural look where skin health and rejuvenation is a priority - after all natural beauty is the best beauty.

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