Feel the Peel

So call me old fashioned but I do think its sometimes fortuitous to practice what you preach. I have just introduced the Neostrata Retinol Prosystem peel to my list of treatments and wanted to see for myself what the Retinol hype was all about. So my Journey began with the one step application which was left on overnight and washed off the next morning. Apart from my skin feeling a little dry and tight day one was uneventful, I dutifully applied my Bionic face cream, and SPF 50 as usual. Day 2 started with some visible peeling around my nose and mouth (I describe it more of a flaking as the exfoliating skin was very thin). The silky smooth newly exposed skin felt a little sensitive but improved by using a bland emollient on these areas. I was very good and avoided the temptation to pick or pull off any loose skin. Moisturising regularly really helped at this stage as the dry and new skin blended and was less noticeable. This was ideal as I needed to continue my busy week amongst the rest of society without them thinking I was contagious! I was also pleasantly surprised at how the peel had helped to bring out a really stubborn deep spot on my chin which has been threatening to rear its ugly head for several months and annoyed me on a daily basis. Day 3 - 5 the peeling gradually spread outwards towards the edges of my face and forehead, my skin felt less sensitive and tight. Day 7, approx 98% of peeling has gone and I am left with very soft, firmer looking skin Hooray!! My Face mask of dead dull skin layers have lifted exposing a complexion which I honestly have not seen since my long distant youth. Now that's the kind of skin I really want to be in! So in a nut shell, the application was quick and painless. The peeling process although visible isn't the kind where your face falls off and although manageable, you might want to avoid treatment clashing with big life events such as your wedding day or passport photo updates, that kind of thing! The underlying newly exposed skin is smooth and silky soft and initially a bit sensitive and tight.

So - was it worth it? Indeed

it was. Will I do it again? Already booked!

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