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Triple Firming Neck Cream.

This product really does stands out which is why Neostrata have patented its powerhouse duo ingredients of NeoCitrate and Neoglucosamin.  Their collagen building properties claim to protect the skin’s essential cells whilst giving the skin a lifting and firming more youthful appearance. I have to say that when I first came across this product I thought naaaaa at 48 I'm not ready for a neck cream. But then I realised that everyone who had tried it kept coming back for more! They all really loved this product. So I gave it a go and am soooo glad I jumped on this band wagon, and of course its an ideal time for me to start using a neck cream because prevention is better than cure - right? This product is so light and absorbs deep into the skin. I apply it to my neck and decolletage (cleavage) before bed as part of my night time routine. For someone who is sensitive to strong smells It's fragrance is pleasant and refreshing but not over powering. Its no wonder its won awards its definitely transforming my once neglected neck area and for that reason Its a worthy winner in my book. 

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 client review 

My Client Wendy has been using the Neostrata Triple firming neck cream for 6 months, applying to her neck and cleavage area twice daily.  Wendy loves the results and has gone from someone who never used neck cream before to now becoming an avid user, and a very satisfied client.

Wendy | Nurse

I Like the Neostrata triple firming neck cream because it smells clean and fresh. It glides on effortlessly leaving my neck feeling firmer and looking beautifully moisturised.

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